What’s up with this site?

Yo there,

I am here to explain a bit, what exactly will be posted/done on this site/blog.
Besides me coming, and giving updates on: stories, characters, books, maybe some social-media events (this is in the far future), there will be at least one character from my books, coming and giving explanation on: the world they are in, history, power system, races, events, interesting places and so on.
Also, I will try to make everything interactive, so, I will be trying to reply asap if someone comments/says something.
I am a newbie, plus a weirdo, so I can’t promise that I will do anything Youtube related, or anything like that.
It’s up to fate.
I am random with my ideas, some just pop-out at night, when I wake up for 5 seconds from a dream, then my brain goes “wake up and write down whatever you remember from that dream” and I can’t fall asleep until I don’t write down at least a summary…
Long story short, I am a weirdo, expect weird behaviour from me.
That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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