Disclaimer #3

Yo there,

Well, how should I put this
After careful consideration, I’ve decided to tell you about a little superpower I possess.
This superpower is called “Being hurtful”
I can be truly upsetting, annoying unintentionally, I have a knack at saying something that truly hits you where it hurts without meaning, or without thinking about it especially.
Have done this with countless friends, that’s why I think I lost them.
You lost your dog? I will randomly mention how awesome dogs are.
You got a bad grade? I will brag about how easy an exam was.
Stuff like this, just comes flowing out from my mouth, and I can’t really stop, because I do it unconsciously already.
So this is a warning for everyone that will read my posts, stories, books, comments.
Be aware, and point out if I said something hurtful, wronging or things like this.
I will not apologize, can’t change who I am, but I can promise that I will try to pay more attention to what I say.
That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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