Yo there,

Finally the cover art for the book, is slowly being done!
This means, that in around two weeks, I will be able to finally freaking publish the book, that’s been done weeks now.
About the cover:

Main character sitting on her mount, which is a great turtle, with seaweed green shell, greyish spots on it, that are in the form of stars.
The body of the turtle is spring green.
The main character is a young tall lady, with long rich silver hair, with purple lines in it, she’s usually wearing a robe of different colours (usually white or golden or black), with purple or red engravings. (the engravings differ, from simple lines, to books, phoenixes or dragons)
Behind the main character, almost exactly on her back, there is a golden book, ethereally floating, with azure and blood red engravings (simple lines, and a symbol of infinity).
Behind this scene, there is a forest, with tall trees, red and green leaves, and brown, and ashen grey bark. (half the forest with red leaves with ashen grey bark trees, and half the forest with green leaves and brown bark trees)
The sky is the night sky, starry, with 3 moons (each moon should have a different shade by combining pale blue and yellow colours)

It should be something like this hopefully.

That’s it from me, at least for now.
Have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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