Connection Established

Hello there, you see this?

I am Omni, Sophia’s artefact, and I think, I have successfully connected to something, hmm
Called, “The Internet”, if I recall correctly.
Though scouring trillions of mental waves isn’t exactly an “accurate” way of gaining information, as sometimes it gets corrupted…
Anyway… I am getting sidetracked, Sophia’s influence on me is rather profound, which is quite bothersome.
I will be in touch with her home planet, as she’s unable to come or communicate in any ways with this realm. (she could through me…but she doesn’t know that I have a proper individual personality, at least not yet, so I haven’t told her about this small accomplishment of mine.)
Despite her being my Master, and owner, I rather have some me time, so
From now on, this little planet called Earth, will be my place of vacation, far away
From Sophia’s mumblings, and her inadequate descriptions and loose work ethics.
Also, I may slip in some juicy and spicy details, that she didn’t record in me.
Till I master the use of “The Internet” and “Internet slang”, farewell, have a nice day, year or month, for I do not know, when I will have free time again, as Sophia is exploring continuously again…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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