About the book

Yo there,

I will describe the book in a general manner, before giving an exact summary of the plot.
Now, the story is mostly linear, with several references made in early days of the plot that will be fulfilled later on, as the story progresses.
The main plot is somewhat like that of a Chinese cultivation novel, but with several twists.
The main character is moody, random, but indeed overpowered, but she doesn’t take the main stage if not necessary.
She’s mostly behind the scenes, watching events play out, and heroes being born, while snacking, and commenting sarcastically.
The entire story is like a documentary, and a comedy at the same time. (it has elements that are 18+, so comedy maybe a stretch)
There are plenty of plot holes, plenty of space left, for the readers to imagine for themselves, what is going one, what happened, and what will happen.
Also, don’t believe everything that I’ve written there, Sophia and the other characters need some trump cards, so not everything is exactly how I’ve written.
Also, appearances can change, but that won’t change the fact, that almost everyone is hellishly attractive.
As an overall description I can say, what I’ve already written on the main page of the site, this story is an introductory one into what my style is, so it’s awkward, weird, and constantly evolving.
Now, let’s go to the actual summary part.
The main story follows Sophia as she is sent to a new universe, where she will need to document everything, and everyone, that she thinks is of importance to the greater picture.
She has to do this, under the orders of the universe she’s coming from, to assess potential danger, and frankly, to gather information about the neighbouring realms.
Sophia is a moody bookworm, who does whatever she wants, but deep-down is kind-hearted. She will help people, but will do anything to remain outside the troublesome problems.
Due to being from another realm, and clearly stating that she is just exploring/documenting, she is outside of fate, thus she’s able to find fortune spots (relics, inheritances, legacies, artefacts and so on).
She’s not part of the main act, but she’s a catalyst for it, and a game changer.
Now, that’s the summary (the informal one), a formal one will be posted on amazon.
For the inspiration part… well, I have as a foundation the countless books, comics, manga/manhua/manhwa, and light novels I’ve read, and I’ve went and thought “How would the fantasy world I would go to look like?”
And from there on, I started writing.
There are heavy mythological, and cultivation novel influences (like environment, and epic battles, so general stuff, not details, techniques and so on… also, Sophia’s kind of, making fun of stereotypes, so there will be some of these things as well).
As writing style, I don’t know, it’s random, but organised (at least for me), funny, but serious, clumsy but well-planned.
I can’t stress this enough, but seriously, there are plot holes in it, I know, but they are there, because I thought it would be boring, if I really gave everything to the readers, some self-imagination room must be given to all of you.
That’s it.
Have an as eventful, or eventless day, as you wished for.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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