About Earth Realm

Hello there, earthlings,

I’ve come as promised to speak about power systems, and general knowledge in developed realms/universes, but first I shall try to clarify some information about the realm you reside in.
I say try, because this is just a theory Sophia came up with, that seems rather plausible.
So, universes are created, that’s a fact that Sophia learnt from countless books, but it’s not necessarily an artificial creation.
There are realms that are created through accumulation of residual powers leaking out of different space-and-time zones, that after reaching a high enough density, and quality, implode, scattering energy that gives birth to matter.
The universe she is from, so the Earth Realm as she calls it, is either created by a strong creator that successfully created it without being noticed, or it was created due to the strong energies leaking out of the surrounding universes, gathering in this space, before imploding and giving birth to a proper universe.
Due to the age of the Earth Realm, it is categorised as an infantile one, where the energy is still expanding the size of the realm, thus it’s not stable, but most importantly, the “energy washing process” is yet to have happened.
This process, is when the realm stops expanding, and the energy stabilises itself, from there on, its growth is constant, starting from a rich energy gathering spot.
In artificial realms, this spot is usually a planet chosen by the creator, while in naturally formed ones, is either the centre of the realm or the starting point of the expansion.
Through this washing process, the energy washes over everything constantly, thus enriching, and enhancing the quality.
This is Sophia’s way of trying to use science together with the approach of laws, and she’s not the only one, as plenty of other novels use scientific foundations for their power systems.
Sophia also identified a possible reason, why there are records of cultivation, and magic in the olden eras of Earth.
She said, that it may be due to two factors: one, it would be due to the fact that people were more prone to believe that there are ways to connect with nature, and achieve supernatural powers (also, they had a stronger belief in the supernatural), while there may have been even resonances with different realms, or parallel dimensions, from where, creatures, or events may have transmitted to the Earth Realm.
Two, due to the rapid development of the scientific ways, the interferences on Earth, started to grow in number, while also changing the mindset of people, making it hard to achieve a resonance with higher sources of energy, due to the simple fact, that one would think, that it’s not rational to believe in energy manipulation.
This is simply a theory of Sophia’s, don’t take it as a fact.
That’s it for today, tomorrow, I shall try to explain, the power system in the 9 bloodlined beast realm.
Have a nice day.

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